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Attendance Control is an essential practice for companies of all sizes and sectors, as it allows to manage and monitor the working time of employees.

To facilitate this process, Quatenus, a company recognized for its expertise in GPS fleet management and tracking solutions, has developed the attendance management software: Quatenus MyCheckpoint.

With a wide range of features and a very intuitive interface, Quatenus MyCheckpoint is a powerful tool that helps companies to efficiently control their employees' attendance.

What is Attendance Control?

Attendance Control is the recording and management of the working time of a company's employees.

This practice is essential to ensure that employees are present at their correct working time, fulfill their working hours and avoid unjustified tardiness or absences.

In addition, attendance monitoring allows companies to keep track of hours worked, calculate overtime and comply with legal requirements related to the entire working day.

Main Features of Quatenus MyCheckPoint Attendance Control Software

Quatenus MyCheckPoint is an attendance control software developed by Quatenus, a leading company in the GPS fleet management and tracking solutions market.

With a user-friendly interface, the software offers a range of features that simplify attendance control for companies.

Some of the key features of Quatenus MyCheckPoint are:

Efficient Time Recording

Efficient Time Recording

Quatenus MyCheckPoint software allows employees to clock in quickly and accurately using different methods such as biometrics, proximity card or a mobile app.

All this ensures that information and attendance control is reliably recorded, avoiding potential fraud or errors.

Managing Schedules and Timetables

With Quatenus MyCheckPoint, it is possible to create and manage different work schedules, defining the hours of each employee according to the company's needs.

This facilitates team planning, avoids scheduling conflicts and helps ensure that staff are present at the appropriate times.

Absence and Lateness Control

Absence and Lateness Control

Quatenus MyCheckPoint software allows you to accurately track absences and tardiness of all employees, generating automatic alerts and detailed reports.

This makes it easier to identify attendance problems and allows the company to take corrective action to improve punctuality and compliance with working hours.

Integration with Other Solutions

Quatenus MyCheckPoint can be integrated with other management systems used by the company, such as payroll and other human resources systems.

This provides a more integrated and efficient management of the team, avoiding the need for manual input of information and attendance control in different management platforms.

Accurate data that can be used to validate incorrect testimonials or proof of activity for Clients

Protection and security of your fleet, drivers and employees against allegations, fines, true times based on atomic clock data, high-precision GPS position and factual reports certified by Quatenus that serve as proof in case of doubt or litigation.

What is the Advantage of using Attendance Tracking Software?

Using an attendance control software like Quatenus MyCheckPoint offers you a number of advantages for your company. By automating and simplifying the time and attendance process, all companies can gain the following benefits:

Reduction of Errors and Frauds

With the use of attendance control software, time records become more accurate and reliable, reducing the occurrence of errors and fraud, such as improper recording of hours worked. This avoids financial losses for the company and ensures a fairer and more balanced management of employee attendance.

Time saving

Attendance tracking software automates tasks that were previously done manually, such as calculating hours worked and reporting. This provides significant time savings for the human resources team, which can then be dedicated to other strategic activities.

Increased Legal Compliance

Quatenus MyCheckPoint helps companies comply with all legal requirements related to working hours and attendance control. The software generates accurate and detailed reports that can be used to prove the company's legal compliance in case of inspection.

Improvement of Human Resource Management

With clear and up-to-date information on employee attendance, the human resources team can identify patterns of behavior such as frequent lateness or recurring absences and take action to correct these problems. This contributes to improving the organizational climate and increasing productivity.

In short, Quatenus MyCheckPoint is a complete and efficient time and attendance software, fully developed by Quatenus and offering a series of functionalities to facilitate the time control and the management of employees' working time.

With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Quatenus MyCheckPoint helps companies ensure punctuality and legal compliance, and provides more efficient and productive human resources management.

By investing in attendance tracking software, companies can significantly improve their staff management, save time, reduce errors and fraud, and achieve positive results for the business as a whole.

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