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ProductsActives Management Platform


Increased Productivity and Profitability

Fuel Cost Reduction

Increased Security for Vehicles and Cargo

Increased efficiency in customer service

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Greater Efficiency in Preventive Maintenance

Fuel Consumption and Equipment Usage Monitoring

Reports and Analysis

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Greater Operational Efficiency

Improved Communication and Coordination Levels

Greater Visibility and Control

Data-based Decision Making

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Accurate Inventory Control

Improved Decision Making

Storage Space Optimization

Greater Customer Satisfaction

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Time-saving Opportunities

Improved Legal Compliance

Increased Human Resources Management

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Quatenus is a company recognized for providing a wide range of highly specialized management solutions. 

Our Quatenus asset management platform allows vehicles, machines and people to be connected and monitored, giving organizations access to relevant information automation systems, using cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Location, Telemetry and IOT - Internet of Things.


What is the Quatenus IoT Management Platform?

The Quatenus IoT Platform is the product of a team that has been constantly developing and improving its business management and IoT software since 2009, providing its customers on 4 continents with the most complete technological platform for managing mobile assets, multi-assets and services. 

At Quatenus, our customers and partners find a comprehensive set of technological tools and other digital solutions that allow them to optimize their decisions, manage their business automatically and generate value for their business through a single integrated platform.

Types of Quatenus Management Software

Quatenus offers different types of management software to meet the specific needs of different companies and sectors of activity.

Our solutions include GPS Fleet Management Software that enables efficient vehicle monitoring and control, Equipment Management Software for mobile asset management, Team Management Software focused on mobile team management and Digital Transformation, offering customized solutions for companies to drive their digital transformation, and can also act as a powerful business management software.

Each type of Quatenus management software has a specific edition with features and functionalities adapted to the needs of our customers.

For example, the Fleet Edition of our GPS Fleet Management Software enables real-time tracking of vehicle location coupled with telemetry capabilities and provides organized information that allows you to manage, control, and improve efficiency and response time in the field.

GPS Fleet Management Platform - Fleet Edition

GPS Fleet Edition Fleet Management platform is applicable to all types of vehicles or transportable means, using GPS and GSM technology.

Real-time vehicle tracking, coupled with telemetry capabilities, gives you more organized information to manage, control and act on for greater efficiency gains and response timing in the field.

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Equipment Management Platform - Asset Machine Edition

Asset Machine Edition is an enterprise management platform for managing transportable equipment assets to support geographically dispersed manufacturing operations.

Using GPS and GSM technology, Asset Machine Edition allows you to monitor utilized versus available capacity, automate administrative tasks, validate performance levels remotely and have a complete view of activity in real time.

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Team Management Platform - Team Edition

Team Edition is a platform for managing mobile teams in the field, using GPS and GSM means and technologies to monitor their location in real time, by installing specific software on team members' cell phones.

This online management platform allows you to distribute activities with better context, measure performance levels and get real-time feedback on ongoing services.

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Stock Management Platform - Tag Edition

With efficient stock management platform, companies can ensure constant availability of their products and meet delivery deadlines and improve the overall customer experience.

Quatenus Tag Edition is an advanced stock management platform developed by Quatenus that allows companies to optimize their logistics processes and reduce costs through greater control over stocks.

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Attendance Control Platform - MyCheckPoint

Quatenus MyCheckPoint is a complete and efficient time and attendance platform, fully developed by Quatenus and offering a series of functionalities to facilitate the time control and the management of employees' working time.

With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Quatenus MyCheckPoint helps companies ensure punctuality and legal compliance, and provides more efficient and productive human resources management.

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The entire range of Quatenus products and a team of specialists always ready to design new solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

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Advantages of Quatenus management software

The advantages of our Quatenus management software are diverse. Get to know each of them separately.


Advantages of the Quatenus GPS Fleet Management Software

The Fleet Edition offers advantages such as:

  • Increased Productivity and Profitability;
  • With fleet location mastery in a single platform, it becomes easier to automate and make real-time decisions with better utilization of available resources;
  • Reduction of Operating Expenses;
  • Immediate savings as a result of greater efficiency in the resources used: preventive maintenance, control of extraordinary payments, insurance costs, etc;
  • More effective customer service;
  • Define procedures and service levels in customer interaction, rewarding employees who demonstrably behave in line with defined objectives;
  • Reduction of fuel costs;
  • Continuous monitoring that allows the identification of opportunities for improvement in behaviors (speed, idle times) and planning (routes and preventive maintenance);
  • Increased Vehicle and Cargo Security;
  • Setting up events and alarms allows immediate action to recover vehicles and cargo, as well as identify risky driving behavior;
  • Low Investment with immediate implementation;
  • With the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, the service is available almost immediately, with no upfront infrastructure or software licensing costs.
Quatenus Management Software - Fleet Edition

Advantages of Asset Machine Edition

Asset Machine Edition offers advantages to business management such as:

  • Increased Productivity and Profitability;
  • Master all relevant information in real time to make the best decisions at the right time and meet new planning needs;
  • Better use of machinery and equipment;
  • 24/7 monitoring fosters a culture of accountability and enables preventive alerts to be set up in case of stability or mechanical risks;
  • Low Investment with immediate implementation;
  • Global Asset Management;
  • Know the main factors that influence the costs associated with the use of your productive assets, as well as the costs of non-use;
  • Reduction of time on administrative tasks;
  • Automatically and reliably process the operational information of the production activity, such as cost calculations by profit centers or internal transfers;
  • With the Saas (Software as a service) model, the service is available almost immediately, with no upfront infrastructure or software licensing costs.

Advantages of Team Edition

With Quatenus Team Edition management software you can:

  • Increase Productivity and Profitability;
  • Manage tasks according to the location, skills and availability of employees, placing greater focus on the customer and reducing staff costs;
  • Achieve global asset management;
  • Master the main critical factors associated with the elaboration of activity plans, distribution of tasks and definition of itineraries to be assigned to the various teams in the field;
  • Two-way communication;
  • Communicate with the teams in the field the assignment of new tasks, transmitting context for the execution of the work and receiving completion status automatically;
  • Promote an Environment of Transparency;
  • Give credibility to the new practices among its employees by processing the activity of the teams in the field in an automatic, transparent, fast and reliable way;
  • Improve the performance of teams;
  • Access 24/7 monitoring, control of metrics (e.g. downtimes, activity completion time, etc.) related to the business in an integrated way;
  • Low Investment with immediate implementation;
  • With the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, the service is available almost immediately, with no upfront infrastructure costs or licensing of the management software.
Quatenus Management Software - Team Edition

By choosing Quatenus management software, companies can count on complete, efficient solutions tailored to their needs, providing greater control, process optimization and more informed decisions based on data obtained in real time.


The entire range of Quatenus products and a team of specialists always ready to design new solutions tailored to the needs of each market.

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