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Quatenus is a specialist company in the real-time monitoring and management sector, with innovative solutions for companies and individuals.

Our services include the design and installation of hardware and software, communications and support, providing all our customers with a simpler way to implement and adopt our solutions for the efficient control and management of their assets, including fleets, vehicles, machines, teams and other elements.


What is Quatenus?

Quatenus - which in Latin means "where is it?" - is a company dedicated to the innovation, development and provision of specialized products in the area of monitoring, control and management in real time, with georeferenced information applicable to all types of fixed and mobile assets.

Quatenus offers its services through a SAAS (Software as a Service) distribution, simplifying the implementation and speed of adoption of our solutions, through a turnkey model: hardware, installation, software, communications and support.

In this way, we enable our customers to control and manage their most valuable assets, be they vehicles, machines, teams or things.

We work every day to deliver more productivity, savings and security to our customers across four continents in a world of intelligently connected assets - The Internet of Things.

We work to be the global reference in the provision of intelligent geolocation and telemetry services for companies and individuals.

Quatenus reality in Portugal

Our studies tell us that over the next 30 years, the IoT - Internet of Things - will connect billions of things

Everything will be connected, from air conditioning to the clothes we wear every day. Cars and trailers, machinery and goods, tablets and cell phones, access controls, buildings, cameras, elevators, generators, energy meters and medical sensors are just a few examples of everything that is about to be connected to the internet.

Quatenus is prepared for this reality. We know the barriers that most Portuguese companies face, from the challenges of economic scale and capital expenditure (CAPEX) to the obstacles arising from lack of procedural maturity or the time needed to develop software.

What's more, our market research shows us that our competitors in the Portuguese market don't have the capacity to respond to the largest projects or accounts; they have a cumbersome structure and a low level of information for managing their clients' software or a lack of procedures; little pre- and post-sales follow-up; and there are no mobile applications such as those developed by Quatenus.

That's why in the potential market of 7 million vehicles in Portugal, Quatenus is already used in around 65 market segments and is present on four continents. 

At Quatenus, you will find an agile structure and a high-performance team in financial management and sales conversion, capable of developing strategies for rapid and sustainable economic growth. 

More than 80% of our turnover is focused on companies, in a SaaS model - Software as a Service - with recurring earnings. 

Potential market of 7 million vehicles in Portugal

Market segments

 65 market segments

Representation on 4 continents

Representation on 4 continents

Invoicing focused on companies

80%+ turnover focused on companies

Recurring earnings

Recurring earnings

Software as a Service

Software as a Service


With a SAAS (Software As A Service) implementation, we create value for our partners and customers simply and immediately.


Real Time Geo-Data

Any asset can be connected to Quatenus via multiple technologies (GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, etc.)


Big Data Core Server

Configuration of business rules, including events, alarms, notifications and reports.


Analytics & Interfaces

Provision of multi-screen information according to user profiles.

Quatenus Products and Services

Quatenus' management software offers very complete solutions to all types of companies, from GPS fleet management and equipment management to people management and digital transformation.

Access to our software is easily done via web or through our mobile applications such as Quatenus Myfleet or Quatenus Myteam, among others.

GPS Fleet Management Platform Quatenus Fleet Edition

Real-time vehicle tracking, coupled with telemetry capabilities, gives you more organized information to manage, control and act on for greater efficiency gains and response timing in the field.

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Quatenus Fleet Edition is a GPS fleet management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Location + Fleet Management + Telemetry;
  • Real-time Geographic Information Query;
  • Consultation of vehicle statuses;
  • Start and End of Working Day;
  • Km's and Times of Use;
  • Calculation of Out of Hours and Weekend Usage;
  • Complete management of vehicle files;
  • Advanced Telemetry;
  • Identification of Drivers;
  • Carsharing- Sharing and Reservation via cell phone of the Company's means;
  • Simplified Booking Process via Mobile App;
  • Possibility of Automatic Assignment Based on Configurable Criteria;
  • Definition of Criteria and Need for Approval of Reservations by Hierarchical Superiors;
  • Management of the Pick-up and Return Process with Damage/Anomaly Registration.

Asset Management Platform Quatenus Asset Edition

Asset Edition is an enterprise management software for managing transportable equipment assets to support geographically dispersed operations.

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Quatenus Asset Edition is an equipment management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Automatic Management of IOT Machines and Sensors;
  • Automatic Operation Management;
  • Complete management of Machine and Asset Sheets;
  • Management of Maintenance and Inspections;
  • Bluetooth sensors, 5G, Nb-Iot, Lora;
  • Remote Control of Equipment.

Field Services Management Platform Quatenus Team Edition

Team Edition is a platform for managing mobile teams in the field, using GPS and GSM means and technologies to monitor their location in real time, by installing specific software on team members' cell phones.

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Quatenus Team Edition is a team management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Order Management, Team Management and Transportation Tasks Maintenance (Company Uber);
  • System for Management of Transportation Requisitions with Drivers by Employees;
  • Requests for Vehicles for Recreational, Sporting, Health, etc. Purposes;
  • Request Management, Planning and Assignment of Tasks;
  • Progress Tracking of Tasks on Map;
  • Real-time Management Dashboards;
  • Management of Geolocalized Teams and Tasks (Field Services);
  • Mobile App for Every Employee;
  • Planning and Task Allocation;
  • Monitoring of Task Progress;
  • Deviation Control (Plan Vs. Actual);
  • Email and SMS Alerts of Task Status for Clients.

Stock Management Platform Quatenus Tag Edition

Quatenus Tag Edition is an advanced stock management platform developed by Quatenus that allows companies to optimize their logistics processes and reduce costs through greater control over stocks.

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Quatenus Queue is an asset management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Indoor Active Location of Valuable Assets;
  • Applicable to Goods, Tools, Orders;
  • Automatic Information of your Assets via Bluetooth 5 / Rfid Sensors;
  • Sending Real-Time Events via 5G Network;
  • 2D or 3D localization;
  • Inventory Registration and Management in the Palm of Your Hand.
Quatenus Management Software - Mobile App's

Mobile App's

Quatenus Management Software - Event Configuration

Event Configuration

Quatenus Management Software - Cost of Use

Cost of Use

Quatenus Management Software - Usage History

Usage History

Quatenus Management Software - Localization


Quatenus Management Software - Utilization Rate Optimization

Utilization Rate Optimization

Quatenus Management Software - Telemetry


Attendance Control Software Quatenus MyCheckPoint

Quatenus MyCheckPoint is a complete and efficient time and attendance software, fully developed by Quatenus and offering a series of functionalities to facilitate the time control and the management of employees' working time.

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Quatenus MyCheckpoint is an attendance control software that allows you to obtain information about:

  • Geolocalized Time & Attendance/Remote Control;
  • Attendance Management;
  • Biometric Authentication in Real Time or via Card, Pin (Terminal);
  • Communication via 5G or offline;
  • Support for different statuses per Customer: on load, commercial;
  • Images in each pic as proof of presence with facial recognition;
  • Picking via Mobile App for Telework Management (Control via GPS).

Corporate Content Management Quatenus TV

Enterprise content management involves the creation, organization, storage and distribution of relevant information within a company. In this sense, Quatenus TV offers you the most diverse advantages, from improving the management and organization of information to increasing the productivity of your teams.

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Quatenus TV is a corporate content software that allows you to get information about:

  • Corporate TV: Easy and Fast;
  • Real-time Business Data Management;
  • Configuration of Different Information Panels;
  • Definition of Content Playlists (Asset Information, Images, Videos, Web Pages);
  • Definition of Internal and External Dissemination Channels;
  • Connection via 4G for Content Update.

Queue Management Software Quatenus Queue

For companies that necessarily deal with queues and customer service, queue management is key to ensuring service efficiency, reducing waiting times and increasing satisfaction levels.

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Quatenus Queue is a queue management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Complete and Quick to Install Queue Management;
  • Issuance of Waiting Tickets in Paper or Digital (Photo or SMS);
  • Follow-up on TV or Tablet (Multi-screen support);
  • Multiple Branches and Services;
  • Management of the Maximum Number of People on the Premises / Per Service / Time;
  • Voice and SMS calling;
  • Offline operation;
  • Dashboard and Usage Statistics.

Digital Transformation in Business Software Quatenus Mydocs

Quatenus Mydocs is a digital solution that simplifies the management of all types of documents in companies, allowing the digitization of documents and reducing the risk of loss or damage.

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Quatenus Mydocs is a digital transformation management software that allows you to get information about:

  • Digital Business Transformation: Capture information and forms (smartphones, tablets and web) end of paper processes;
  • Creation of digital mobile forms/apps fully customizable by the client;
  • dematerialization of business processes using digital forms for cell phones and/or tablets;
  • Faster storage and availability of documentation with central consultation;
  • Effective collection of information in the field.

Some examples of the application of this software include the recording of interventions, equipment pick-up and collection records, and workflow and authorization management.

Quatenus MyDriver Software

Quatenus MyDriver software is an effective solution for compliance with ordinance 07/2022 that determines and assists drivers and companies to keep an accurate record of their work activities and driving time.

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Quatenus MyDriver tool is an efficient solution to comply with the ordinance and help drivers and companies keep an accurate record of work activities and driving time, through:

  • Recording the start and end of the working day:
  • Controling driving times
  • Recording rest and availability times
  • Recording times in other activities
  • Scheduling absences
  • Issuing activity reports
  • Monitoring the day's activities in real time
Working at Quatenus

Working at Quatenus

Quatenus is a company passionate about what it does. With operations in several countries, we offer the opportunity for personal and professional development, in a company with global reach.

Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations by delivering amazing results in all our solutions. We value collaboration and teamwork, building a sustainable company focused on results.

We believe in the importance of continuous training for our employees, as we know that they are fundamental to our success.

In addition, we are always looking for new talents and opportunities. That is why we invest in Quatenus recruitment, offering a stimulating and challenging environment for your professional growth.

Join us and be part of a team that is transforming the way companies and individuals manage all their assets.

Why choose Quatenus?

In addition to a technologically advanced future and a rapidly growing market in Portugal, the truth is that choosing your business partners also depends on people.


A Team of Excellence for a Quality Service

More than having the best professionals on the market, at Quatenus we strive to have the best team, not only so that we can develop the best software and provide the best services,

Annual employee turnover

Annual employee turnover

For every 100 candidates, only 4 join our team

For every 100 candidates, only 4 join our team

15% of employees are female

15% of employees are female

Excellent Software for a Growing Market

A survey of 1,538 fleet managers, entrepreneurs and business owners in Europe reveals that 76% of respondents who use GPS Fleet Management and Tracking solutions consider them to be “very” or “extremely beneficial” to their business.

This study highlights the numerous market opportunities that can be exploited through our fleet management solution.

Of customers consider the software to be excellent

93% of customers consider the software to be excellent

1st place in Portugal for capturing leads

1st place in Portugal for capturing leads

Clients in Portugal with tens of thousands of controlled assets

+ 2267 clients in Portugal with tens of thousands of controlled assets

Excellent Operations for a Satisfied Customer

With in-house software development and its own engineering capabilities, Quatenus guarantees competence and excellence, even in the most complex projects. 

We have technical support and a wide network of partners throughout the country.

We are here for you

Give your business an advantage.

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