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Quatenus MyTag: The Automated Stock Management Platform

Stock management plays a fundamental role in logistics operations and in the overall efficiency of companies. 

Having full control over all your inventory is essential to ensuring an efficient supply chain and therefore maximizing profits.

In this sense, stock management software - MyTag - plays a crucial role. Quatenus, a specialist in GPS fleet and asset management solutions, offers Quatenus MyTag, a platform capable of reading assets in stock / inventory in real time through Bluetooth or RFID location technology, transforming the stock control process from a manual process to an automated process with high accuracy in entries, exits and current inventory status without the need for human intervention.

What is stock management?

Stock management refers to the control and supervision of the products or materials that a company owns.

This includes a little bit of everything, from receiving products to storing them, monitoring stock levels, controlling dates and expiry, replenishment, inventory and invoicing program.

Using efficient logistics software for stock management allows companies to have a clearer view of their assets, avoid product shortages, reduce unnecessary costs and maximize return on investment.

Key features of Quatenus stock management software

Quatenus Tag Edition stock management software offers a wide range of features to help companies manage their stock more efficiently. Learn about some of the main features of this stock management program:

Real-time Control and Management

Real-time control and management

The Quatenus MyTag stock management platform allows companies to monitor their stocks in real time. With the help of advanced monitoring technologies, you can track the exact location of all your products, the movement of goods within the warehouse and even the temperature and humidity in certain areas.

Batch Management and Expiry Dates

With our stock management software, you can monitor specific batches of products as well as manage expiry dates. This becomes especially useful for industries such as food, pharmaceutical or cosmetics, where quality assurance and regulatory compliance are essential.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

Quatenus Tag Edition offers different alert and automatic notification capabilities, allowing companies to receive alerts about low stock levels, expired products, products out of the right temperature, among other critical events.

Integration with Purchasing and Sales Systems

Stock management software can be integrated into existing purchasing and sales systems, making it easy to synchronize data, automatically generate purchase orders based on your stock needs, and track the lifecycle of products.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and Reporting

Quatenus Tag Edition offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling companies to assess their stock performance, identify trends, optimize inventory levels and make more informed decisions.

TAGS Bluetooth active

Protecting and locating your goods can be done by placing a small Bluetooth TAG that communicates its presence second by second in a section, warehouse, zone or even on a means of transport completely automatically. With this active communication it is possible to locate your assets within a building or even create alerts for unauthorized movement. These TAGS can be equipped with temperature sensors and motion sensors to measure other important information for your business.

TAGS RFID high range

For large quantities, the use of RFID TAGS makes it possible to have low-investment stock control, while maintaining automatic control and automated stock management with radio frequency readings using a mobile reader or fixed portal. With a single scan, it is possible to read all the merchandise in a section without the need for additional control.

Stock Management Software - MyTag - Equipment Localization

Equipment Localization

Stock Management Software - MyTag - Equipment Localization

Active asset tracking technology.

Stock Management Software - MyTag - Indoor and Outdoor Bluetooth Active Localization

Indoor and Outdoor Bluetooth Active Localization

Stock Management Software - MyTag - Location and information on your assets.

Location and information on your assets.

Advantages of using stock management software

Using a stock management software like Quatenus Tag Edition offers several advantages. Some of them are:

Accurate inventory control

With stock management software, companies have more precise control over their products, avoiding stock-outs or overstocking. This results in a more efficient supply chain and a reduction in unnecessary costs.

Reduction of errors and rework

Using automated stock management software minimizes potential human errors such as incorrect product counts or outdated records, reducing the need for rework and improving overall productivity.

Improved decision making

With accurate data and analytical reports, companies can make more informed decisions regarding their stock management, including identifying underperforming products, adjusting stock levels based on demand and optimizing logistics processes.

Storage Space Optimization

Stock management software allows for better organization and use of storage space and therefore a more efficient warehouse, facilitating access to products and reducing search time.

Increased Client Satisfaction

With efficient stock management software, companies can ensure constant availability of their products and meet delivery deadlines and improve the overall customer experience.

Quatenus Tag Edition is an advanced stock management software developed by Quatenus that allows companies to optimize their logistics processes and reduce costs through greater control over stocks.

With features such as real-time monitoring, batch and expiry date management, automatic alerts and data analysis, Quatenus' stock management software is a powerful tool for companies across a wide range of sectors.

By using Quatenus Tag Edition, companies can manage their stock more efficiently, resulting in an improved supply chain and greater customer satisfaction.


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