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Quatenus is a B2B - Business-to-Business - company that provides SaaS - Software as a Service - services and systems. Our purpose is to help our clients reduce their risks and operating costs.

To this end, our software delivers useful, real-time information that allows us to control a wide range of company assets, including human resources, stocks and GPS fleet management in more than 65 different market segments.

We currently have thousands of clients in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, helping to manage more than 50,000 assets in 24/7 operations.

With its own teams and capacity for in-house development in Software Engineering, a robust structure and no need for on-site deployment or installation, Quatenus has been gaining prominence in a number of large IoT - Internet of Things - businesses and a very attractive scale model.


Quatenus Partnership Models

Quantenus partnerships are Win-Win partnerships: they are flexible business partnerships, with various models available in which everyone involved wins.

They are partnerships based on the best automated asset management platform.

Quatenus' partnership programs are unique in that they offer you the opportunity to leverage your customer base while creating deeper engagement, building long-term business value and achieving stronger financial performance.

What's more, our award-winning solutions have been designed from scratch specifically for Quatenus resellers. This puts you in control of what you deliver directly to your customers.

If you already resell or use white-label (OEM) telematics fleet management software, we can help you change the system. 

Our systems are hardware agnostic. In other words, you don't have to change your customer's existing hardware. Quatenus systems allow for a smooth and uncomplicated migration from the installation base.

Opt for Quatenus Partnerships

Quatenus partnerships offer you several advantages compared to the market. At Quatenus you will find:

Commercial flexibility

Market-leading commercials with flexibility and customer-owned options.

Wide range of IOT Fleet, Asset and Team products

The widest range of products for resale compared to any other international supplier. All in a single asset management platform

Branding options

Out of the box branding for full white label options on any product.

Outsourced sales operations

Benefit from the expertise of our sales infrastructure to help boost performance.

Geographical coverage

We partner with you all over the world, providing expert local support.

Advantages for Quatenus partners

Whichever partnership model you choose, these advantages are guaranteed: 

  • Our commission and revenue sharing models pay more, making you more profitable;
  • Gain trusted customers you own and help them build long-term business value;
  • With a wide range of products available, you can easily build a cross-selling portfolio;
  • Generate more data from customers you own to support greater engagement and more sales and support opportunities.

Types of Quatenus Partnerships

Quatenus offers you the opportunity to choose between four types of partnerships. 



Make an introduction between Quatenus and potential customers to receive a commission for each sale made.



Find the customer, make the sale, earn a commission and leave the rest to us. 



Sell Quatenus products directly and manage them directly with the customer.

Full OEM / White Label

Full OEM / White Label

Your brand. Our technology. Take full control. 

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Take advantage of Quatenus' commercial flexibility and develop a sustainable and profitable resale business.

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We have unique contracts to suit your needs. With the widest range of products and global coverage, there really is no other supplier that can do for you what Quatenus offers. 

Quatenus Commercial Flexibility

The flexibility of Quatenus partnerships gives you access to solutions in which your customers are managed solely and exclusively by you, with a billing engine optimized for your business.

A range of technology and products that is unique in the world.

Opt for a complete turnkey solution or choose to integrate Quatenus into your existing ecosystem. 

Whether in the area of basic vehicle tracking, connected cameras or asset tracking services, or the management of digital machines and forms, Quatenus' range of hardware, software and applications is presented on a single platform, unique in the market.

Establish a partnership with Quatenus and join a globally expanding business.

Anywhere in the world, we've got your back! 

Quatenus currently has offices on 4 continents and local teams that are always ready to support all our partners.

Whether it's a single operation or a multi-country operation, we're there to help you grow your business. 

Take the first step towards your success!

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