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Quatenus MyDriver facilitates the Registration of Working Hours and supports compliance with Ordinance 07/2022.

What is Quatenus MyDriver?

Quatenus MyDriver responds to ordinance 07/2022 which made it mandatory to advertise workers' working hours, driving times, rest breaks and daily and weekly rests.

This measure aims to ensure workers' safety, prevent excessive fatigue at the wheel and promote compliance with labor standards.

Quatenus, a company specialized in tracking and telemetry solutions, has developed the Quatenus MyDriver app in this context.

The Quatenus MyDriver tool is an efficient solution to comply with the ordinance and help drivers and companies keep an accurate record of work activities and driving time.

Main features of Quatenus MyDriver

Quatenus MyDriver offers a number of essential features for the proper control of drivers' working hours and driving time.

With Quatenus MyDriver, it is possible:

Record the start and end of the working day

Record the start and end of the working day

The app allows drivers to easily and quickly record the exact time they start and end their working day.

This functionality is essential to ensure that the limits of hours worked are respected, avoiding possible penalties for non-compliance with the legislation.

Control driving times

Legislation sets limits on drivers' driving time to prevent fatigue and reduce the risk of accidents.

With Quatenus MyDriver, driving times can be recorded, ensuring that drivers take regular rest breaks in accordance with current legislation.

Record rest and availability times

Record rest and availability times

In addition to driving times, Quatenus MyDriver also allows you to record drivers' rest times and availability.

This information is crucial to ensure that workers comply with mandatory rest breaks and to ensure that they are available to take up their duties in a safe and rested manner.

Record times in other activities

Quatenus MyDriver also allows you to record time spent on other activities that do not directly involve driving.

This is especially useful for transportation and logistics companies that may need to track the time spent loading and unloading goods, for example.

Schedule absences

Schedule absences

The app also offers the functionality to schedule absences, allowing drivers to communicate in advance their vacations, leaves or other situations when they will not be available for work.

This feature is important for planning the company's activities and ensuring continuity of services.

Issue activity reports

Quatenus MyDriver makes it possible to create complete and detailed reports on the activities performed by drivers.

These reports can be instrumental in enforcement situations, making it easier to prove compliance with labor legislation.

Monitor the day's activities in real time

Monitor the day's activities in real time

Another advantage of Quatenus MyDriver is the possibility to follow, in real time, the drivers' day activities. This allows the company to have a more accurate and up-to-date view on the progress of operations and can make adjustments as needed.

Quatenus MyDriver

Quatenus MyDriver

Quatenus MyDriver - Recording the start and end of the working day.

Recording the start and end of the working day.

Quatenus MyDriver - Schedule absences

Schedule absences

Quatenus MyDriver - Export Reports

Export Reports

Advantages of using Quatenus MyDriver

Quatenus MyDriver presents several significant advantages for companies and drivers looking to comply with the 07/2022 ordinance and ensure efficient working hours management. Some of these advantages include:

Compliance with employment law

Quatenus MyDriver ensures proper recording of working hours and driving times, ensuring that the company is compliant with the 07/2022 ordinance and avoiding fines and penalties.

Increased safety in operations

Effective control of driving and rest times contributes to the safety of drivers and operations in general. Reducing fatigue behind the wheel is key to avoiding accidents and preserving lives.

Ease of use

The intuitive interface of the Quatenus MyDriver app makes recording drivers' daily activities a simple and quick task, without much time or effort.

Accurate and complete reporting

Quatenus MyDriver's detailed reporting facilitates the operational and financial management of the company and provides solid evidence in case of inspections.

Improved resource management

Real-time monitoring of activities enables more efficient management of resources, optimizing routes and scheduling tasks more intelligently.

Increased reliability in communication

By scheduling absences in advance, communication between the company and drivers is improved, avoiding last-minute problems and ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Reduction of operational costs

Optimization of activities and efficient compliance with legislation can result in resource savings and reduced operational costs.

In short, Quatenus MyDriver is a complete solution for the control and management of drivers' working hours, meeting the requirements of ordinance 07/2022 and providing several benefits for companies and professionals in the sector.

Investing in technologies like this is essential to ensure operational excellence, road safety and compliance with current labor standards.


Ensure the workers' safety and promote compliance with labor standards.

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