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Customer and Operations Support

A geo entity is a point of interest, such as the location of the Company's headquarters. A geo-area is an area of interest.

In addition to the scheduled reports, you can receive the following alerts/warnings/alarms by email or SMS about:

  • Excessive engine speed (RPM);
  • Sudden acceleration and braking;
  • Power on/off;
  • Movement without ignition;
  • Geo-area input and output;
  • Excessive speed;
  • Circulation outside service hours.

Making a schedule in the Platform for the report submission. In the Manage/Reports option, select the desired Report and press the Schedule button.

In the Explore option, choose the date in the calendar and press the history button.

See the Online option of the Explore menu in the Platform.

The reports are sorted by groups, namely: Activity, Communication, Technical, Management, Performance, Safety and Teams.

Under Tools, the option to Search for Addresses is available.

In the Trips option, select a trip to see the route on the map.

Business Partners

We have developed an onboarding methodology that has been optimized in Quatenus' international expansion. It consists of 6 steps:

  1. Exploratory contacts with our Global Sales team, via email address;
  2. Jointly carry out local market research;
  3. Creation of commercial offer, including products and prices;
  4. Production of business plan, including above points as well as marketing strategy, operational and financial plan;
  5. Signing of contract with Quatenus International;
  6. Training & Certification, to ensure that our partners are prepared to sell, install and support local Quatenus customers;

Contact us to start exploring this opportunity today.

The future is now, so with the support of Quatenus International it is possible to implement all these steps in about 2 months and start operating in this time frame.

For such an aggressive time-to-market, Quatenus proprietary business tool QBM is essential (facilitating commercial, logistical and financial flows), and the dedication and commitment to deadlines of all involved is indispensable.

With a presence in 4 continents, we have a dedicated team to support our business partners to succeed in their territories via support in 3 main areas:

  1. Training & Certification;
  2. Ongoing technical support;
  3. Sharing best practices in Marketing & Strategy.

In addition to monitoring the set-up of the local business and continuous support in its operation, Quatenus Internacional has a very flexible and attractive revenue share policy. It can reach up to 70%... for you!

Luis Simões
Grupo Alltech
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