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New Radars in Lisbon: More Traffic Safety from September

Road safety is a constant concern, and in Lisbon, this issue is about to be reinforced with the implementation of new speed control cameras. According to information released recently, these radars aim to reduce the number of accidents caused by excessive speed and increase drivers' awareness of speed limits. The entry into operation is scheduled for September 1, and the city is preparing to welcome these new enforcement mechanisms.

Quantity and Location of New Radars:

The city of Lisbon will have a total of 15 new speed control cameras, strategically distributed in different areas. This distribution aims to cover areas with a history of excessive speed and a higher incidence of accidents. Among the areas contemplated are expressways, residential areas and places with high pedestrian traffic. The complete list of locations can be found in the article published by Expresso.

Accident Data in 2022:

The increase in accidents related to speeding is a worrying scenario in Portugal, as evidenced by the data for 2022. According to information released by the Observer, traffic fines increased by 4% this year, totaling 11 million registered infractions. These numbers not only highlight the need for more rigorous enforcement measures, but also underscore the importance of making drivers aware of the risks associated with disregarding speed limits.

The Importance of Management Software to Prevent Accidents and Fines:

The use of fleet management software becomes essential in the midst of this scenario of reinforcement in inspection. This type of tool enables continuous monitoring of vehicles in real time, allowing fleet managers to have more effective control over driver activities. Through data analysis, it is possible to identify behavioral patterns, such as speeding and sudden braking, which can lead to accidents.
In addition, the management software assists in scheduling preventive maintenance, ensuring that vehicles are always in ideal conditions for circulation. This not only prevents accidents caused by mechanical failures, but also contributes to the reduction of fines related to technical problems.

The new speed control cameras in Lisbon represent an important step towards promoting road safety. The alarming data on accidents caused by excessive speed in Portugal reinforce the urgency of these measures. Allied to this, the use of fleet management software presents itself as a valuable solution to prevent accidents and fines, ensuring more responsible driving and the preservation of life on the roads.

See here the maps and list of speed control locations in operation and to come into operation on September 1, 2023:

Luis Simões
Grupo Alltech
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