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Social Media Policy

Online social computing such as blogs, wikis, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are part of our everyday life and are transforming the way we interact both within and outside our company.

At QUATENUS®, we see social computing platforms as a means to help us accomplish our mission by enhancing the quality of service and relationship with our customers and by extending our connection with other professionals. We encourage every member of the company to share their insights and expertise gained through their work at QUATENUS® by becoming engaged in conversations at online social computing platforms which will help to reinforce QUATENUS® awareness and value.

Internally, we dispose a code of conduct guidelines concerning the use of social media by our employees. In short, we welcome our staff to participate in this social movement, being aware of some core guidelines:

- Caution on establishing boundaries between persoanl and professional domains;
- Accountability for the statements, either words or actions;
- In terms of behavior, be yourself! Be polite, protect your reputation and use a clear communication;
- Respect confidentiality, privacy and copyright.

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