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The lack of control regarding field technical teams was the key business reason that guided Yudo towards Quatenus. Yudo, a company operating Brasil Santa Catarina state, develops and produces hot chamber systems for plastic injection molds.

Increase operational control and reduce costs?

The larger business activity chunk of Yudo is ensured remotely via technical field services teams. Before Quatenus, all technicians filled in activity reports en Excel files, what raised some questions related to service execution, extra hours payment, etc.

Consequently, Yudo searched for solutions that could help addressing the following 2 main questions:

1. Control increase: How is it possible to monitor technical teams localization, trips and services execution, all real-time?

2. Cost reduction: How can we increase usage rate of the current technical teams available, reducing the need to hire extra hours?

Behavioural change

With continuous fleet and technical teams monitoring, improvement in above mentioned dimensions were immediately visible. This was achieved without any management intervention. Field services teams, aware of monitoring and equipped with productivity tools that facilitated reports management, showed performance improvements instantly.

3 months after the implementation, field services teams and company management started adjusting internal processes aiming to find win-win solutions, streamlining teams workflows and decreasing technician average cost per hour.

In the words of João Lourenço, Yudo Finance Director:

“We hired Quatenus to control company fleet and field services teams working hours. Immediately upon internal communication of this decision, a clear behavioral change from staff occurred. With Quatenus we are able to control and verify if technician reports are correct, on top of improving operating staff cost, reducing extra-time payouts”.

Next Steps

Upon a successful Quatenus implementation aiming to control field services teams and taking advantage of consequent cost reduction, Yudo is now focusing in optimising its fleet management. The idea is to reach the maximum return on investment with Quatenus, via:

-> Productivity and profitability increase;

-> Fuel cost reduction;

-> Operational expenses reduction.

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