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Messias construction materials is a company that operates in Joinville, in the Brazilian Santa Catarina state. With an accumulated 15 year experience, we are facing a solid operation. However, quality of service is highly dependent on the performance of remote teams, that mays develop harmful habits.

What habits are we talking about?

According to business owner William Escher, 3 main issues motivated contact with Quatenus for a pilot program:

1. Localisation: Real-time localisation monitoring of all vehicles and teams;

2. Late deliveries: Number and delivery time of certain teams was way beyond management expectations and average of remainder teams;

3. Material loss: Part of material stock was recurrently called “lost in warehouse”.

 This pilot was prepared and implemented in “secret mode”, a deploy option that Quatenus recommends to clients in this situation. Upon few weeks, it was clear that a team of 2 workers was using Messias trucks to fulfil side deliveries, partially using company stock items.

Quatenus Fleet Edition benefits

At the present moment all Messias trucks are equipped with Quatenus Fleet Edition, being this aware by the workforce. The following quantitative benefits were experienced by Messias since day 1::

-> Fuel cost reduction;;

-> Productivity & Profitability increase;

-> Operating expenses decrease;

-> Improved Quality of Service perceived by clients.

Operational Culture change

William Escher highlights a qualitative benefit with a massive business reach, perhaps the main driver of all Messias operating enhancements:

“This program changed enormously the attitude of drivers and staff. They know company is monitoring and all deviations from agreed action plan. Per example, we are notified when a truck is in stop mode for a long period of time”.

The development of an operational culture based on excellence, rewarding performance of the best employees, is crucial to increase service performance levels and consequent impact in business profitability. Additionally, it is an accelerator for a social environment improvement.

Know more about Quatenus Fleet Edition here.

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