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Your son or daughter has grew up, is a bright student, owns a driver license and was recently rewarded with a car? Independence is part of life but with it extra concerns arise, like burglary, carjacking or accidents. In Brazil, all these concerns are real. Now, there is a solution!

Quatenus solution

Through a simple car or mobile tracker installation, Quatenus empowers a real-time multi-screen (desktop, mobile, table) snapshots and analysis. Valuable information is turned available, as per bellow:

1. Localization: On top of map pinpoint, parents can observe suspicious or familiar neighborhood and streets;

2. Exit of geo area: Recommended geographical areas can be instantly configured, making it possible to trigger email / sms notifications when navigation out of those areas occur;

3. Past Trips information: Via reports extraction, parents can track every detail per trip made – start point, end point, stops, maximum speed, etc. 

A REAL story

In Brazil, on a state that we will not mention to protect our client privacy, a young girl turned and her father decided to offer a car. The only request made was not to drive out of city boundaries. Becoming adult and receiving the car increased considerably this girl independence (and father safety).

A given evening, the daughter left home informing she was “going out with her friends”. Months later, the father received at home via post mail a speeding ticket outside city boundaries. Disappointed with the lack of promise commitment, the father decided to silently install Quatenus tracker in the car. Upon set-up, he could now monitor all real driving behaviour.

This is just a real life episode, we believe common across several families. As this concerned father comments: “We just want the best for our daughter and this monitoring initiative with Quatenus Track Edition makes part of that plan, to protect her”.

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